Leading ICF manufacturers (Insulated concrete forms)

Buying standard ICFs from a lesser known regional manufacturer doesn’t pose any significant risk.

Anyway, there is a dividing line that you should not forget – the one separating standard ICF manufacturers, with EPS-made products, from those offering non-EPS products (involving proprietary and alternative insulation materials).

Leading ICF manufacturers

Council of ICF Industries (CICFI) members (USA):

Quad-Lock Building Systems
SuperForm Products

Other leading North-american ICF manufacturers:

IntegraSpec ICF
Polycrete (very active in, France)
Reward Wall Systems


To find other ICF manufacturers, contractors or distributors, take a look at EPS Industry Alliance. T

he Portland Cement Association also provides information on ICF manufacturers: Portland Cement Association Member Companies.

European ICF manufacturers

There is a growing number of small and large European ICF manufacturers. Some of them are also in the North American market: Amvic, Integraspec, Logix, Nudura, Quadlock, Foxblocks (Polysteel and Arxx have been bought by Airlite Plastics Co./Foxblocks brand).

Other leading manufacturers, members of the ICFA (Insulating Concrete Formwork Association): Beco Wallform, ICF Tech, ISM Sismo, Monolith and Sunbloc

Regional manufacturers (USA)

Celblox (Florida)
 CIW Manufacturing

 HOBBS Building Systems
 LiteForm Technologies
 Mikey Block Co
 Reddi-Wall Inc.
 Standard ICF Corp
 TF System

Manufacturers with alternative ICF products

Cempo (Cement + EPS)
Earth Friendly Building Materials (Cement + EPS)
Perform Wall (Cement + EPS)
Durisol (Wood Fiber + Cement)
ShelterWorks (Wood Fiber + Cement)
U-Blocks (Polyurethane)
Nuform Building Technologies (PVC)
Octaform Systems (PVC)
Rastra (recycled foam plastics)

Manufacturers offering ICFs for floors and ceiling construction.

A few manufacturers are offering ICF forms for floors and ceilings. These products are reinforced with steel beams, and are great for site-cast or precast concrete floors, roofs and decks.

List of manufacturers:
Amdeck (Amvic)
Builddeck (BuildBlock)
Insul-Deck (Plastbau)
Fortruss (Beaver Plastics)
LiteDeck (LiteForm)

Manufacturerers with one-Side-Only insulation ICFs

BuildBlock and Nudura have one-side-only insulation products - a feature that may be advantageous for some high thermal mass strategies.

Finding local ICF dealers

Many ICF manufacturers have “find a dealer” page on their site.

The EPS Industry Alliance, the North American ICF industry association, has also a find a member tool.

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