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For expert and consumer reviews on air conditioners, take a look at or; or at customer reviews, here: Window-Room AC, Mini-split AC, Portable AC.

Energy efficient ACSelecting Low-Consumption AC

To choose a high-rated air-conditioner, look for qualified models with a high EER/SEER (energy coefficient).

Take into account the UE eco-labeling, in European countries, or the Energy Star rating in USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Do not choose a central AC with a low SEER. Look for a central AC with a SEER rating above 15, or a room unit with a EER above 12.

Best insulation guidesAC Technical Information

Toolbase organization has a wealth of information about HAVC equipment. See: Toolbase and HAVC.

See also: Natex (AC North American Technician Excellence) and ASHRAE (the HAVC organization); for a slightly less technical approach on air conditioning, see: AC Natural Resources Canada.

Insulation Grants and IncentivesFinding AC Grants and Rebates

To see if there is any state incentives for high-efficient air conditioners, take a look at:
In Canada, see: Office of Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives
In USA, see: Energy Star and tax credits information.
Data on federal incentives in USA, see DSIRE USA
Local tax incentives, see DSIRE
See Energy Rating Australia Government
See Energy Saving Trust

Best maps and tables insulationAir conditioner sizing tools

Using charts and calculators only makes sense for portables and room air conditioners. Consider, in such case, a chart like the Energy Star one here.

AC best contractorsAC contractors and technicians

The main AC manufacturers can help you find their dealers, contractors and qualified technicians. Just call them, or take a look at their sites.

HAVC organizations:
North-America: ACEE (North America) and Natex (American Technician Excellence) and ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) or even Resnet (USA).
Europe: European HAVC Associations.
: Energy Rating Australia Government





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