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Sometimes brand can be important, but do not expect significant differences between the products offered by top AC manufacturers. The contractor and the installation are often much more important for AC performance than the brand…

Energy Star certified models can be a good starting point: they are in the top 25% for efficiency. For a list of certified central AC Energy Star units, see here (in Europe, see UE eco-labeling).

Window-Room air conditioner brands

Frigidaire, LG or Kenmore models are at the top of customer and expert reviews. You may take a look at them in, here: Room Window AC. Other top rated brands: Haier, Friedrich, Rheem, Lennox, GE, Sharp...

For a wide list of qualified window-room AC Energy Star products, see: Energy Star Room AC

Mini-split air conditioner brands

Japanese companies - Sanyo-Panasonic, LG, Samsung... - offer the best rated ductless AC mini-splits products. For customer reviews at, see: Mini-split AC.

portable AC brands

Portable air conditioners are known for their flaws, but some brands - namely, MobilComfort and NewAir - have mixed or even good customer ratings. You may take a look at here: Portable.

Contractors and AC service professionals

When selecting AC professionals, consider members of organizations like the SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association) or ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America).

You will find extensive listings of certified technicians at NATE and ACCA.

In Europe consider the AREA and its several national members: see AREA national members.

In Australia consider the AMCA and its associates.

The ACEE (American Counsel for an Energy Efficient Economy) has a guide on how to choose a contractor. See it here. See also ACCA, A technical guide to rate the quality of the installation of heating and cooling systems.




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