Take action; tell your city mayor that you support green building, home energy improvement programs and zero energy buildings

City buildings are responsible for around 50% of the global energy consumption and CO2 emissions, in many countries. And the easiest way to curb this trend is by promoting low-energy and Zero Energy homes, schools and other buildings.

Green building programs can reduce energy consumption and emissions by 80% or more. In this sense, low-energy construction is one of the best means to fight global warming and to protect our health, our economy and the environment.

That’s a win-win strategy. It allows huge long-term savings for the building owners while contributing to a better environment and healthier cities.

Tell your mayor your thoughts and concerns

City mayors and commissioners are in a privileged position to influence green building and the local development of renewable energy, and there are an increasing number of towns and cities with aggressive programs for low-energy building. That number has risen remarkably during the last few years, while Zero Energy Buildings should become the rule in a number of parts of the world, during the next decade.

So, you should ask yourself why your local government isn't following this trend, if that is the case.

Learn more:
To rate local government programs aimed at low energy buildings and alternative energy, see Rating Your City Energy and Green Programs.

Bottom line: tell your mayor that you support efforts to rein in energy wasting in your city; tell him that reducing the energy consumption and Zero Energy Buildings are critical to reduce global warming emissions from power plants…




Text that you may use to tell your mayor that you support green building programs and home energy improvements (personalize your message; change the text...).

Dear Mayor:

As a resident who cares about our environment, our city air, and our collective health and local economy, I urge you to take meaningful action to influence the energy consumption of our city’s homes and other buildings by…

- setting stringent energy codes for new buildings,
- promoting programs and initiatives for energy conservation and Zero Energy Buildings;
- promoting local solar and renewable energy projects;
- supporting energy audits and rating systems for our buildings.
- helping to finance home energy improvements in the residential sector;
- informing our communities of the benefits of low-energy building.

Many cities are taking important steps in that direction (see for instance the case of ## Austin, or Baltimore, or Philadelphia…)

We should not forget that city buildings, on the whole, are the main consumers of energy and, indirectly, the main air polluters, and that we all have an obligation to protect our children and future generations from the effects of climate change by addressing its causes and impacts. And that’s why it's so important to have an ambitious green building program.

### Your name and address

Zero Energy Buildings

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