cities with the best green building and home energy Improvement programs

Some cities are playing a leadership role in driving action to address climate change through programs aimed to reduce the energy consumption of their buildings or local generation of solar electricity and other green initiatives.

Cities are huge energy consumers; on average, homes and other buildings consume more than half of the world’s energy, and are indirectly responsible for a similar percentage of the overall CO2 emissions.

But cities can also play a major role in addressing energy and environmental problems. The energy consumption of homes and public buildings can be reduced by 80% or more. Buildings can be Energy Zero. And some cities are doing very well at this task.

Below, we present a list of cities with great programs for energy efficient building, renewable energy production or information on home energy improvement and Zero Energy Buildings….

The list uses the House-Energy rating tool, and the ACEEE and C40 and Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards ratings. The order in which they appear is alphabetical. The House-Energy rating tool includes 10 high-impact areas: 1) Information and support to green builders and architects,
2) Energy consumption standards,
3) Urban planning & Landscaping,
4) Programs and initiatives for energy conservation and Zero Energy Buildings,
5) Weatherization and similar programs for existing homes,
6) Energy efficiency and Zero Energy Building programs for public buildings,
7) Local renewable energy generation programs,
8) Funding programs,
9) Energy auditing and building rating initiatives and
10) Waste management, air quality and other green initiatives (see, for details: Rating Your City Green Building Programs).

Tell Us of Non-Listed cities and towns

Obviously, there are many other cities and towns that deserve to be included in this page… If that is the case with your city, please let us know; we will add it to the list.

Obviously, we have to be sure that the information is credible. In other words: the information must come from the city itself, and the easiest way to let us know is by publishing a small post/news item in the city’s blog or site, mentioning that the city has used the House-Energy rating tool; and to inform us, by sending an email to or by tweeting the information to @house_energy).

List of Cities with High Home-Energy-Improvements Ratings (50+)

North America

? Tell us of other North American notable cities, with good low-energy building programs

- Austin (6th ACEEE)
- Baltimore (12nd ACEEE)
- Boston (1st ACEEE)
- Chicago (9th ACEEE)
- Denver (11th ACEEE)
- Houston (13th ACEEE)
- Portland (2nd ACEEE)
- Philadelphia (10th ACEEE)
- New York (3rd ACEEE and winner of the C-40 Adaptation and Resilience program)
- San Francisco (3rd ACEEE, C-40 Cities Zero Waste Program)
- Seattle (5th ACEEE)
- Vancouver
- Washington (7th ACEEE)

Central and South America

? Tell us of other notable Central and South America cities, with good low-energy building programs

Cities with awards:
Bogota (C-40 Urban Transportation program)
Mexico City (C-40 Air Quality program)
Rio de Janeiro (C-40 Cities Sustainable Communities Award)

Other C40 and Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards Finalists
Buenos Aires, São Paulo


? Tell us of other notable European cities, with good low-energy building programs

Copenhagen (C-40 Cities CPH Climate Plan 2025)
Munich (C-40 Cities Green Energy Program)

C40 and Siemens City Climate Leadership Awards Finalists
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Oslo, Paris, Rotterdam, Stockholm

Cities with the European Green Capital annual award:
Bristol, Brussels, Glasgow, Ljubljana, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Malmö, Nantes, Nuremberg, Reykjavík, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Amsterdam, Bristol, Copenhagen, Freiburg, Hamburg, Münster, Oslo, Stockholm.


? Tell us of other notable African cities, with good low-energy building programs

C40 City Climate Leadership Awards Finalists:
Johannesburg, Lagos

Asia and Pacific

? Tell us of other notable Asian-Pacific cities, with good low-energy building programs

Melbourne (C40 Sustainable Buildings Program, including the Smart Blocks program)
Tokyo (C-40 City Cap-and-Trade Program)

Cities with other awards:
Singapore (C-40 Intelligent City Infrastructure)
Other C40 City Climate Leadership Awards Finalists
Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul, Shanghai

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infographic house energyMore Animated infographics that you may use freely:

See a list here: List of Energy & Infographics

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