Buying renewable electricity in Australia

Australians can help the transition from fossil fuel power to renewable energy by buying GreenPower products. These products have been designed by the Australian government and are part of the Green Power Project, intended to increase the share of renewables to 20% in 2020.

The GreenPower project

The GreenPower project involves an accreditation and a rating system - carried out by the Australian governments.

Green Power Logo Australia The rating system uses a logo (see images at left) attached to each power product offered by the different energy companies; a 75% GreenPower product means that 75% of the electricity you are going to by will come from certified renewable sources (and 25% from fossil fuel power plants, or non-certified sources); similarly a 10% GreenPower product will only contain 10% of certified renewable energy…

It’s a lot like some rating Energy Guide Labels on domestic appliances. Its' an easy way of distinguishing different electricity products.

Obviously the price varies accordingly. A 100% GreenPower product is typically a lot more expensive than, say, a 10% product.

How to switch to the GreenPower System

Signing up to the Australian GreenPower program is easy. You can apply online or by phone; if the company has the product you’re looking for, that's all. You will not notice any difference in your electricity supply or meter, or whatever.

But you may also shop around, to find a most suitable electricity mix and the best prices. The Australian rating system makes the choice easy. You just have to consider the premiums, and possible costs of switching to an alternative supplier.

For a list of accredited GreenPower providers, with details on contracts and prices, see: Green Power Government Australia.  

Australia Green Power Premiums

The costs of signing up to the GreenPower program will depend on your consumption and on the rating of the product you choose. For a monthly consumption of 500 kWh you may pay as little as $4, for a 10-25% rated product; but you will have to pay a lot more for 100% green electricity. The premium in this case can amount to $30-$45 per month, for the same consumption.





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