do WHOLE-HOUSE LIGHTING CONTROLS provide energy savings?

Typical whole-house lighting systems combine dimmers, photo-sensors, timers and switches to provide a wide range of lighting functions with a single touch of a button.

Once a luxury, centralized lighting systems are now an affordable option for many homeowners. But they are mainly used in large homes with a complex lighting design, and can be a poor choice from an energy-efficiency standpoint.

Whole-home lighting systems provide a wide range of functions with a single touch of a button. You can command the whole system with a wall-mounted keypad or with a hand-held remote controller, or a portable tabletop controller…Typically, they aren't designed with energy savings in mind.

Lighting scenes or zones

Whole-house lighting systems provide pre-programmed lighting "scenes" or “zones”, responding to different situations: Morning, Vacation, Dining, Entertaining, Arriving, Departing

The system can switch on, or switch off, or dim the lights selectively, to meet the occasion and your needs. 

A “Vacation” scene, for instance, may replay your daily routine (for security reasons) even when you are out: turning the lights on and off, or lowering and raising the shades as if people were at home.

A “Departing” scene (for when you leave for the day) will switch off the lights or whatever you have defined for the scene. With a whole-house lighting system you can define scenes such as a safe path of light for getting up during the night; or you can combine the indoor lighting system with your entry and outdoor lighting, with the same controller; or connect lights to the security system, or to the cooling and heating equipment…

Prices & Manufacturers

Prices vary a lot. Individual lighting controls are very cheap (some few dollars for a dimmer switch or a timer...) but the price of typical whole-house packages start at about $2,000, installed.

Whole-house lighting systems require careful design, testing and also programming.

A few top manufacturers: Lutron, Hubbell and Leviton.




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