WHY you should prefer new qualified dimmable LIGHTING fixtures

Replacing traditional bulbs with new LED and CFL bulbs may not require new lighting fixtures; many of the old fixtures accept new bulbs. But be aware... Older fixtures may reduce the efficiency and the lifespan of the new bulbs.

New energy-saving bulbs work with traditional medium screw-based sockets, and manufacturers are designing new bulbs with about the same size as older bulbs, to help the transition. But using older lighting fixtures may not be a smart option.

Lighting fixtures clipCompact Fluorescent Lamp Clip

Rreplacing older lighting fixtures with qualified dimmable fixtures may have a considerable impact on your lighting savings.

Qualified Lighting fixtures

Qualified low-energy fixtures allow light to be distributed more evenly and more efficiently, and come in dozens of styles.

New fixtures come now in many styles, have large warranties (often 3 years) and are available in many home improvement and specialty stores.

They may also provide features such as dimming or – in the case of outdoor models – control motion detection and automatic daylight shut-off.

Old fixtures can be very inefficient.
They can reduce the performance of new bulbs, and their lifetime.
Prefer qualified dimmable light fixtures.

Dimmable fixtures

Prefer qualified dimmable fixtures.

Dimmable fixtures do not have to be more expensive than non-dimmable fixtures, and finding lamps designed to be dimmed is not a problem anymore.

New compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) and LED bulbs can be of dimmable type. They cost a little more, but the higher cost is quickly recovered through electricity savings – if you regularly dim the bulbs.

Note: Halogen bulbs can also be dimmable, but they often reduce the lighting output without a significant reduction in their energy consumption.




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