Selected videos on low-energy homes and energy improvements.

House-Energy YouTube Channel

Clip space heaterHeating

Home Heating

Energy Efficient Furnaces
Buying Energy Efficient Furnaces
Boilers vs. Furnaces
Radiant Floor Heating and Energy Efficiency
Heat Pumps vs. Furnaces
Air Heat Pumps vs. Geothermal Heat Pumps
Boilers vs. Furnaces
Energy Efficient Fireplaces
Energy Efficient Heaters

Ceiling fan 3 bladesCooling

Reducing Air Conditioning Bills

Reducing Cooling Costs
Evaporative Coolers
Cooling with Shade
Cooling with Breezes & Ventilation
Whole House Fans and Window Fans
Ceiling and Portable Fans

thermal bridgingInsulation & Sealing

Insulation and Energy Efficiency
Thermal Bridging and Insulation
Stack Effect and Air Sealing
Air Sealing
The Stack Effect

Solar Kit PV solutionRenewables

Solar Photovoltaic
Solar Room Heating
Solar Hot Water Heating
Small wind power energy systems

Energy savings, shower head

Water heating

Water Heaters
Hot Water Heating Systems Energy Efficiency


Windows & Skylights & Doors

Using Windows for Energy Efficiency
Replacement vs. Improving Windows
Window Selection Criteria for Energy Efficiency
Glass Skylights
Skylights and Energy Efficiency
Garage Doors
Entry Doors

Walls, Floors, Roofs

Energy Efficient Exterior Walls
Floors & Energy Efficiency

Building a Passive Solar House, image from

New Homes & Passive Houses

Energy Efficiency in New Homes
Passive Houses & Energy Efficiency

Best swimming pool productsOutdoors & Landscaping

Garden and Yard Equipment Efficiency
Gas vs. Electric Garden Equipment
Landscaping & Home Energy Efficiency
Swimming Pools

refrigerator energy efficiency

Appliances & Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting
Appliances & Electronics

Humidity & Ventilation

Mechanical Ventilation & Fresh Air
Moisture problems

Homes do not need to breathe

Energy Audits
Energy Audits


Thermostats clipOthers

Temperature Zoning
Ducts Part 1
Ducts Part 2
Energy Efficiency and Basements

An example of our videos
Energy Efficiency in New Homes

Third Part Sites/Pages
With Videos on Energy Efficiency

US Department of Energy Video
Energy Star Video

Energy Star Video

Energy Star Video Programming Thermostats

Air sealing (pages with videos)
Air sealing projects from Dow Chemical.

Small Heaters (page with video)
CBSNews Video

Heat Pumps (pages with videos)
Ground source heat pumps (geothermal)
videos (at the end of their page)
Air-source heat pump: Danfoss video
For several videos involving the heat pump industry: Geoexchange.

Insulation (pages with videos on insulation):
Energy Savings Trust Insulation Videos
SIP installation video from the SIP professional association:
Building with SIP panels, from Michigan Codes Sips
Rigid foam insulation: Michigan Codes Rigid Foam Insulation
Owens Corning Insulation Videos
Rastra (at the end of their Library page)




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